I will be happy if I retire rich. I will be happy if I get a six-figure salary. I will be happy if I accomplish the xxx goal.

Does this sound like you?

Goals, if met, can result in a feeling of accomplishment, resulting in a spike in your confidence and happiness while you achieve this. Of course, you might also be proud of yourself, patting yourself on your back.

Fast forward to 30 days; maybe the happiness spike is still hovering a little and not as you felt before.

Fast forward to 6 months later. In most cases, the spike is no more felt. It’s more or less how you felt before accomplishing your goal.

Is it not?

So, goal accomplishment can make you temporarily happy similar to how you feel while on vacation or maybe while you shop.

The feeling is familiar, yet the amplitude of the spike and the duration you feel might be relative. Are you looking forward to accomplishing the goal to be happy?

Is your happiness always placed in the future? Have you ever asked yourself, why am I not feeling the same way as before?

To be continued.

Meanwhile, please drop your thoughts below!

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