Everyone has a perspective; for them, it could be their reality. At the end of the day, humans believe the world is how they see it. If you have a blue-coloured spectacle on, everything looks blue. I might have a green-coloured spectacle, and the world is green to me. In reality, we do not know the complete truth yet; we are still trying to understand many things around us. So, while we have the perspective, let us live the moment, enjoy and indulge in it.

If I can have a perspective and believe in it, everybody else can have it too. Sharing perspectives and agreeing to disagree takes lesser time and keeps you in peace. Again, this is a perspective. I am here to share my perspective, and I have no intention to tell you that my perspective is the “TRUTH”. I am a human and flawsome, I have a lot to learn and will keep learning, and I believe this will keep me going.

Just be happy – Easier said than done!

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