Abhila VK

The facilitator is indeed a master trainer….through the eloquent way of storytelling and narration of the incident, he wins the heart of the participants.


Spicing up the severe topics with personal/exciting anecdotes, stories, and invaluable quotes from the Bible, the Gita, etc. shows the versatility of the facilitator.


I used to be in tears unknowingly everytime I try to convey my thoughts to my family and I hated myself , as it turned off them and they stopped listening.
After a single session with Dhivya, I was able to happily and cleart convey my thoughts without a drop of tear !!!


My sister referred me to Dhivya when I told her I had suicidal intentions. The very first day of meeting Dhivya, I felt relieved. I took a couple of sessions and am currently preparing for rejoining work after a long break. Life has not been so better !!!


I was in a crossroad, I craved something and I was stuck in something else. My conversation with Dhivya helped cleared the clouds and revealed what I wanted and helped me choose the path forward.


My life could not have been more messy. I had a lot of hallucinations and sleepless nights due to my personal situations that I created due to bad decisions. I reached out to Dhivya , had a series of sessions and processed my fear and guilt completely. I am HAPPY now.



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