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V Thiagarajan

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Shri.V. Thiagarajan, Principal(Retd, KV, AFS, IIT, Chennai, is a proactive and inspiring leader who can lead his team to any higher level.  He is known for his outstanding knowledge in education and administration, positive attitude, extraordinary interpersonal relationship skills, commitment to the profession, etc.,

Shri.V.Thiagarajan, has done a small action research in early nineties that  evolved in an academy called Triple H academy. Triple H ( HHH )  represents Head(Cognitive), Heart(Affective) and Hand(Psychomotor) domains of human brains. With a vision  of making the students into future leaders with competence and character more than thousand students have been trained in the last 15 years. He has trained teachers, principals and trainer of trainer of various programmes.

As a facilitator, he always employs activity based down to earth techniques, physically, emotionally and psychologically, to make the training process interesting and effective.


Thinking skills
Interpersonal skills
Advocacy skills
Life skills
Communication skills
Co-operation & Team work



3 decades of teaching, 2 decades of training experience

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