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Dhivya is from Chennai, a city in South India, and like most Chennaites, she chose an engineering bachelor’s degree.
Over the course of her professional life, she started getting inquisitive about human nature and went on to learn M.Sc. Psychology , NLP, Life Coaching and Emotional Intelligence.

Of course, on a personal front, there was enough life experiences that enabled her to show unlearning and relearning is the only way to live happily.
Her clients easily connect with her as she has also been there, felt helpless, sought help and bounced back. She bounced with a newfound mission to resolve helplessness through counselling, NLP and Life coaching.

She strives to talk about mental health that has been very conveniently avoided till date and help everyone not just rest in peace after death but remain peaceful even while breathing.


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12 years of training experience and 4 years of Coaching experience.

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